Bound (1996) [Unrated]

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Bound (1996) [Unrated]

Bound (1996)
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Genre: Crime, Romance, Thriller

Directors: Lana Wachowski (as The Wachowski Brothers), Lilly Wachowski (as The Wachowski Brothers)
Writers: Lilly Wachowski (as The Wachowski Brothers), Lana Wachowski (as The Wachowski Brothers)
Stars: Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, Joe Pantoliano

Corky, a lesbian ex-con hired to work in an apartment as a plumber, meets neighbors Caesar, who launders money for the Mafia, and his girlfriend Violet. The two women have a love affair and decide to steal $2,000,000 that Caesar is holding before he gives it back to Mafia boss Gino Marzone. Caesar is set up by the two scheming women as a scapegoat but things start to go wrong when he reacts in an unexpected way…

IMDB - 8 wins

Let's get one thing straight at the start - the Brits aren't very good at sex. Obviously we're good enough to procreate and what have you, but when it comes to movies, we don't have a clue. What's more, we still have a strong streak of the Victorian puritan ethic running through us. This accounts for the fact that, in the period running up to Bound's cinema release, certain British newspapers hyped up the explicit lesbian content with a kind of outraged glee.

And, of course, when someone says "Disgusting - it ought to be banned!" then you want to see it all the more, don't you? So there I am, looking forward to a little girl on girl action (and it's there alright, filmed in tasteful arty stark contrast), and what do I get? A bloody good crime thriller, that's what.

There are many comments here, so I'll just say two things.

One, this is not the outrageous lesbian free-for-all which it was made out to be by certain elements of the British press. The relationship between the two women is absolutely essential to the credibility of what follows.

And, two, this is a film which you watch for the first time in a state of almost unbearable stress. I do not recall ever seeing another film in which extreme tension is maintained so well for such a sustained period.
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Bound (1996) [Unrated]

Audio Commentary - this audio commentary with the Wachowski Borthers, Jennifer Tilly, actors Gina Gershon, and Joe Pantoliano, editor Zach Staenberg, and consultant Susie Bright also appears on the French Blu-ray release of Bound. It is fantastic, and I actually consider it one of the very best done to date. It is incredibly informative and very entertaining at the same time.

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